Siesta Sunday: POP Century Refurbished Room Review

 “Experience the unforgettable fads of the 1950s through the 1990s all over again. From yo-yos and Play-Doh® to Rubik’s Cube® and rollerblades POP Century salutes the timeless fashions, catch phrases, toys and dances that captivated the world through the decades.”

POP Century resort has always been a favorite value level resort of mine, simply because of the fun theming that takes me back to fond childhood memories.

However, the theming outside was pretty much where my love affair with POP ended.  The resort rooms while they worked perfectly for families of 4 with smaller children, couples or solos who spend most of the day in the parks and need just someplace to sleep, just did not lure me in.  Frankly, they just felt like a Disney-fied Motel 6.

Currently the rooms at Pop Century are under refurbishment that is being completed in phases, building by building, and should be completed by May 2018. As of October 2017, all three buildings in the 80s and 90s sections are finished with the refurbishment, with work on the 70s section that should be completed by early 2018 and the remaining 50s section by summer 2018.


As photographs and reviews began being leaked of the new rooms, I must admit that I was underwhelmed and a bit disappointed in what I thought was a room that was sterile, “un-Disney” and thematically lacking in attempts to make a value room more “upscale.” However, I was intrigued with the new room configuration and décor that I knew I needed to stay at POP Century on my next trip.  Did my opinion change when I saw and stayed in one of these rooms myself?

Walking into the room you are met with a lighter color scheme, mainly white with hints of orange, sky blue and lime along with lots of wood grain texture. There is Mickey Mouse pop art above the queen-sized bed and Pluto pop card above the Murphy bed.  The room feels clean and refreshing, not as sterile as the pictures felt.  However, I am not a fan of the stark white bedding and miss the runners at the foot of the bed that lend a pop of color and theme.

I absolutely love the replacement of the carpet with wood laminate flooring! Now I feel as if I can walk around the room without shoes knowing that a damp mop easily cleans any spills made.  No more gross carpet stains or just that icky dirty dusty feel.  And those that are worried about noise, I NEVER heard my neighbors and I know I had many because there was no availability that weekend.

The biggest change to the room was the new configuration of a regular bed flanked by nightstands, and Murphy bed that doubles as a table. Both beds are queen-sized, versus the double beds previously in these rooms, which is nice when you are sharing a bed with a bed hog spouse or child. The space that the pull-down Murphy Bed opens up is huge. It made the small room feel less claustrophobic, and that plus the color choices and have a place to sit down made it easier for me to spend time in the room, where in the past I just felt like the room was a place to sleep.  However, the addition of 2 queen beds, you lose a lot of space when the Murphy bed is open, after all this is a value room so space is at a premium, I am not sure if I would like this room with 2 teenagers and my husband.

There’s also a ton more storage space, including a dresser under the television, and a variety of random cubbies around the room. However, if you need to hang clothing, the small attempt at a closet is disappointing as a friend pointed out.  She likes to Disney bound and attend Dapper Days, so dresses will not fit in the closet in terms of length and width.  I did point out to her the hooks located throughout the room for hanging of coats and bags.  For those that like to live out of a suitcase, there is not much room for an open suitcase when there is more than a solo traveler in the room, but the height of the beds provides a great space under the bed for suitcase storage.

Disney has heard the call of this tech savvy world we live in and there are a boat load of USB-charging ports and outlets around the room. I think I counted 8 USB and 14 outlets. No more need to tote along that power strip bar in my suitcase as everyone should have a place to charge their devices.

In the corner, there’s a kiosk with drawers, a mini-fridge, and a coffee maker! And the TV, I swear it takes up half of the wall.

In the bathroom, you have a vessel sink, illuminated bathroom mirror, and make-up mirror. There’s also an actual sliding door separating the bathroom area from the main room (instead of a thin curtain). I loved being able to shut off the bathroom vanity area from the rest of the room, since there is a nightlight that I could not figure out how to turn off near the sink.   There is ample counter space for everyone in the addition to lots of shelves.  Hair dryer, ironing board and iron as also provided in this space.

I love that you can shut off the actual bathroom area from the vanity, which makes it nice for everyone to get around in the mornings at the same time.  The bathroom has glass door in the shower/tub. And let’s talk about that rainfall shower fixture in addition to the standard one, after a long day in the park it is amazing. Best of all Disney has not cut back on the value resorts with the bathroom products, no more shampoo and conditioner combined and the same product you will find in the deluxe resorts.  And yes, I hoarded my share of shampoo & conditioner to take home so that I can feel like I am at Disney in between stays.  The H20 scent is different this time around and I must say I love it, more of an herbal smell that reminds me of my favorite hotel product, ever that came from the “dark side” of Orlando (aka Universal Studios and the Royal Pacific Resort).


Like others I complained about the lack of “Disney” in the room, but the style goes further than before thematically. The room uses bold colors, minimalist design, sharp lines, and the contrast of wood against white. To me, these rooms feel very much like a retro design with flourishes of Disney-inspired pop art that goes perfectly with POP Century.

So, did I think of the refurbished rooms at POP Century, now that I have seen and stayed in one?  Disney has certainly hit a home run with this room and in fact it was nicer than my room at a deluxe resort that I stayed in a few days later.  But, is this room enough to book another stay? YES, POP Century will again be my go to value resort when I just need a few nights or when I am planning a rope drop to kiss of night trip (aka all day in the parks).

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I am going “Home” tonight…

I am going home tonight…

 “Ummm Tammie…. Most people do go home after work on a Friday.”

Let me be a little more specific.  Tonight I am going home to the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World.


I love being greeted by Cast Members with the phrase “Welcome Home” when I return to my Walt Disney World Resort either after an extended period of time away or just after a day in the park.  It is one of those special touches when you stay at a Walt Disney Resort that leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling.

When I tell people that I am going back to Walt Disney World I am often met with that “look” and I know they are thinking “Why does she keep going back there?”  Make sure you check out yesterday’s blog “Tammie’s Take Thursday:  Going Home” for some of the reasons why I keep going “Home.”  This trip “Home” is a little different for a couple of reasons, mainly who is going along and why I am going.

This is my first SOLO trip to Walt Disney World.  That’s right there is no husband, no kids, no girlfriends, or even runDisneyBFFs. This trip did not start out that way, in fact it was going to be our first couple’s trip but due to circumstances, i.e. a senior in high school playing his last Friday Night Lights that our plans had to change.  To be honest, I am pretty giddy about (for the most part) doing what I want to do for an entire week at Walt Disney World.


Heigh-ho Heigh-ho it’s a “working vacation” for me.  It’s a hard job I know, but I will take one for the team.  I will be attending Academy Travel’s Agent Education Program (or AEP) onsite training for Walt Disney World.  I am looking forward to connecting with fellow affiliates of Academy Travel, members of the home office staff as well as Cast Members from the Disney Travel Agency, but more importantly working together to make your next vacation even more magical.

There will be some down time from the conference for a little personal fun time and looking back at my last couple of trips, I have in a Disney vacation rut…doing the same things, eating the same things, riding the same rides, visiting the same experiences, etc. My plan is also to make my down time an “informal working vacation.”  Each day I have created a NEW EXPERIENCES BUCKET LIST where I am challenging myself to expand my Walt Disney World knowledge, again to be able to give you honest advice, feedback and planning ideas to make your trip even more magical.  Look for my bucket list to be posted each morning across my social media platforms as well as here in Life in Ears blog!

While I cannot take you physically on vacation with me, I can take you along virtually through my social media platforms. I am planning a full out social media blitz this week to make you part of my “working vacation.” Content will be different on each site to make it fresh, so you will want to follow me on…


I am also going to be giving everyone* following along and interacting, a chance to win up to a $200 in a Disney Vacation Credit* as well as a few daily giveaways as a thank you for being a part of my “working vacation.”  

For complete rules and details…

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho Contest
Get ready by following me and then be on the lookout starting about 4 pm CST as we begin this “working vacation HOME” to Walt Disney Word.

I will C U real soon and remember that life is always better when you are wearing ears!

Tammie’s Take Thursday: Why I Keep Going “Home”


When I was planning my family’s first vacation to Walt Disney World, I planned like it was a “Once in a Lifetime Trip,” never expecting to return.  Now with my 7th trip about to take place I am met with “that look”…


You know the one that often includes eye rolls and a moment of sure disgust or maybe confusion and is often followed by a heavy sigh and some opinion or comment that I fail to acknowledge, because after all I am going “Home” to that happy/magical place. 

Sometimes, however, I do feel the need to reply…


Disney is the happiest/most magical place on Earth because when on vacation everyday life and troubles often melt away and disappear for the time being.  I love being in the “Disney Bubble,” that mysterious invisible barrier that surrounds Disney and prevents the not so fun parts of real life to pass through (cooking, paying bills, running from here to there, you know just being an adult/parent in general).  Inside of that “bubble” Disney magic takes ahold of me and I escape.

Being able to spend time with family at Disney was Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disneyland.  A Disney vacation is time for us to make happy memories from all the smiles and laughter that is taking place.  While we might not all agree that a Dole Whip is the best treat ever, we can agree to just have fun and enjoy ourselves.  Girl’s trips to Disney are amazing, especially with a few of closest friends who just happen to love Disney as much as I do come along.  We get to be girl’s instead of mom’s…being silly, pampering ourselves, doing what we want so that when we return home we are recharged and ready to tackle being a mom again.  It’s also a place that I look forward to taking a couples only trip to with my non-Disney loving Mr. Grumpy, a chance for us to reconnect via Disney magic.  

There is absolutely no one way to experience Disney.  It’s not all about the character and rides, don’t get me wrong I love them, but for me it is about the TOTAL experience that Disney has to offer in a vacation.  For me I love the runDisney events, Mickey’s parties, the ever changing dining that allows me bring out my foodie side, and the immersive atmosphere that draws me into the story that is being told.  For others it’s the shopping or great live stage shows.  With the sheer size of Disney along with seasonal events, continuous updating of beloved attractions and new additions I never feel like I’ve done or see everything.  There is always something more I want do experience that justifies another trip.   

So when people make the comment, “Oh, you’re going to Disney…again?” I say “Yep, I sure am and I can’t wait.”