(almost) Wordless Wednesday:  Goofy…Goofy’s Candy Company

It’s (almost) Wordless Wednesday!  Each week I join Focused on the Magic and other fellow Disney bloggers to share our Disney vacation photos and memories by blog hopping. This week’s topic was an easy one…Goofy!


If you know me, one of my favorite parts to a Disney vacation is the food and I will admit to a small sweet tooth.  My favorite last stop of any trip is Goofy’s Candy Shop in Disney Springs.


Here you will find Disney branded snacks and treats, colorful tubes & drawers of bulk candies, display cases full of yummy bakery items and my personal favorite…Create-Your-Own Treat.  Goofy’s offers a fun custom assembly line where you get to build your snack from the ground up and watch it be made.


YOU decide what snack you want. YOU decide what it’s dipped in. YOU decide the topping. And YOU decide what it’s drizzled with. Overall, if you were to pick 1 item from each category there is 810 different combinations to keep you coming back time after time for an entirely different treat for almost daily for 3 years (excuse the math teacher in me)!


I love watching my treat be made by talented Cast Members almost as much as I enjoy eating it!

2 cake pop

Next time you find yourself in Disney Springs, spend some time watching the Cast Members make a few treats and maybe order a custom one of your own, you won’t be disappointed!

Travel Tip: On the Disney Dining Plan?  Items at Goofy’s Candy Company can be purchased with Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits and you can easily convert Quick Service Dining Credits into Snack Credits (usually 1 QS Credit = 3 Snack Credits).  This is a great way to take some of the magic home with you at the end of your vacation and use up your credits!