#(almost)WordlessWednesday: Nostalgia

It’s Wednesday, so that means time together with Focused on the Magic to blog hop, link up and share our #DisneySide through pictures with #(almost)WordlessWednesday, since nothing for me is ever wordless with me.

This week’s theme is “Nostalgia”, a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.  Being a child of the 70s my biggest Walt Disney World or Disneyland association that reflects nostalgia stems from watching the opening of The Wonderful World of Disney.  I remember vividly the scenes of in that opening segment…

YouTube:  Wonderful World of Disney Opening

The one scene I remember the most is that of the Jungle Cruise and on my first visit to Walt Disney World it was one of the attractions I knew I had to visit.


Since then, my own children have discovered the Jungle Cruise and it is one of their favorite rides, for the jokes and they spend hours afterwards reciting jokes they heard and laughing hysterically with each other.  I was totally blown away by their recall after 1 ride.

Link:  Jungle Cruise Jokes

The Jungle Cruise is always on the top of our lists to visit each time! What Disney attraction brings up nostalgia for you?  Please share in the comments and tell your own story!

#(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Adventure

It is Wednesday, so it is time to let the pictures doing the talking on the blog hop sponsored by Focused on the Magic…but those that know me, I do nothing wordless.  This week’s theme is “Adventure”…

Who says Disney is just for princesses?  One of my favorite character interactions was with my oldest son, Boo and Captain Jack Sparrow.  Boo was selected to play the leading roll in Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial and went sword to sword with the feisty captain himself…

Apparently the captain was not too found of the “Gig Em” hat Boo was wearing, as he was more of the “Hook Em” type of pirates…

I think Gig Em won this sword fight as Boo took the dual about as serious as Captain Jack takes his rum.

Want to know more about Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial?  Follow this LINK