runDisney & Me

My Life in Ears blog will also feature my runDisney side which began with the 2013 runDisney Tower of Terror 10-Miler as partly a dare to myself but mostly as an excuse to use with my husband to go on a girl’s only trip to Walt Disney World.  


I am NOT the typical image of a runner that you have in your head…I am 40 something (closer to the 50 mark), fluffy and up until 2013 the only running that I have ever done was running after my children. As of today, I have completed 17 half marathons using the Galloway Method of run/walk intervals, including Wine & Dine Half Marathon and Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World.   I look at a race as an experience and while the run itself may not be fun, it is where you are and those around you that make it fun.  To me it is about doing your best and accomplishing your goals, which for me is getting off the couch and leading a more active life.  I am not so much into what place I come in (as long as it is not last) or what the clock says, I just want to finish what I have set my mind on doing.  I don’t believe in pixie dust to get me to the finish line, I take my training very seriously and know that without training and hard work I will not achieve my goals.  Finish lines are meant for celebrating and while I am not fast, I will get there and you can bet that there will be Disney food in the celebration.


There is no other race experience that comes close to a runDisney event.  runDisney makes it so that running 13.1 miles is FUN and something that anyone willing to put a little work into it can do.  Believe me, it is totally fun to live Walt Disney’s Quote “It’s fun to do the impossible.”  


I can help you get started on your  “Impossible”  of completing a runDisney event (5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon or Multiple Race Challenge) when  you book your runDisney vacation with me I will help  you with training advice, be your cheerleader and planning the perfect runcation so that you can enjoy both the run and the park time.