Saving 4 Disney:  ShopKicks for In-Store Purchases

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The last few weeks we have been looking at the ShopKicks App as a way to save (or earn money for Disney)…

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Video:  What is ShopKicks?

Make sure you have used my link to download the Shopkick App so we both get a few more Disney pennies when you sign up…

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You have received your kicks for walking into a store and scanning items, but did you know that you can earn kicks 3 more ways when you are shopping?  Here is how…

Purchasing with Linked Debit Credit Card


The first way to earn In-Store ShopKicks for purchases is by linking and paying with a credit/debit card at participating stores.

It really is quite simple…link your card in the app, purchase using that card (if debit card it must be run as a credit card) and that it is it.  After you’ve completed your shopping trip, ShopKick will reward you Kicks within a few days, though some stores make you wait 30 days before rewarding.

Most stores offer either 1 kick/$1 spent or 2 kicks/$1 spent as well as tiered bonus kicks! That means you earn the 1-2 kicks/$1 spent, plus if you spend $25, get a bonus 75 kicks, $50, 200 kick bonus, and $100 a 500-kick bonus. Each retailer has its own bonus tiers and fine print, so be sure to read them. Some stores limit transactions per week to 3 while others allow for 4. Some don’t reward kicks until after 30 days, assuming no returns are made. Some offer higher bonus kicks for less money spent too! ShopKick will also occasionally (usually around holidays) offer double the kicks per dollar spent at some retailers.

I must admit up until last week, this was not a feature I used for fear of identity theft, you know the more places you have your account numbers exposed, the increased likelihood that your information can be used by someone other than yourself.  I decided to do a little more research on the safety of linking my card…

From Shopkicks:

Is linking a credit card to Shopkick secure?

We focused on security when we created the linked card program – Shopkick does not store or display your credit card information, therefore it cannot be lost or stolen. All information is safely stored directly with Visa or MasterCard, not with Shopkick. Protecting the security and privacy of shopkickers is our number one priority.

  • We do not store your credit card information. We work directly with Visa and MasterCard to enable your card and keep it secure. No credit card information is visible in the Shopkick app.
  • If you lose your phone or account information, your credit card will not be compromised because Shopkick does not retain or display the credit card information.
  • You can unlink your credit card at any time, it takes only one click. Your credit card will automatically be unlinked if your account is inactive for an extended period.

This made me feel a little safer, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to try out this feature during ShopKicks Blue Weekend and earned over 2000 kicks or about $8 towards my next Disney adventure.  I love using Swagbucks & Ebates for my online shopping for cashback, and now I get the option for In-Store cash backs with ShopKicks.



The next way to earn In-Store Shopkicks is by purchasing a KickBate product, usually something you have scanned.  Often, I find the same product in Ibotta or another one of my Disney Penny Apps, so I get to stack the Disney savings.

To earn Kickbates, scan the item(s), put in your cart and purchase the item(s). When you get home open the store, select the item(s) from the list of Kicks for Receipts, hit Claim Kicks, double check you got all the eligible items from that one receipt selected, then hit submit. Your camera will then turn on, with directions on how to photograph your receipt, complete with guides. If the receipt doesn’t fit, you can add a section later, so don’t worry. Once all of the receipt is captured, hit done. After they process the receipt, they’ll send you your pending kicks to your account. Receipts must be dated within the last 10 days, and purchases made in-store.  Kicks range from 50-375 per item.

Make sure that your receipt is completely flat for scanning and free of excessive wrinkles, or it will be denied.  Totally frustrating, it has happened to me more than once.  I have now gone to taping my receipt to the counter before taking pictures and submitting.



The newest way to earn Shopkicks is just by submitting your receipt for stores offering kicks for receipts and you don’t even have to link a card.  Simply look for the receipts symbol (it will usually have 1/$1 or something similar), check the Receipt on the menu, claim your kicks by taking a photograph of your receipt and submit.  How easy is that?

Scrolling through the list I found this week that Walmart, Outback, Auntie Ann’s Pretzels, Target and Academy Sports were all offering kicks for your receipts no matter what you purchased!  Just by submitting my grocery receipt the last couple of weeks I have added another couple dollars to my Disney savings.

And that is how you use the ShopKicks App to earn your Disney Pennies while physically shopping in a store!  Pretty, easy…what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned next week for On-Line Shopping Kicks and In-App Kicks
























Saving 4 Disney Saturday:  ShopKicks-Overview & Getting Started

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Disney Penny App #1: ShopKicks…Overview & Getting Started


Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to share with you how I was able to earn $1400 in 11 months by putting my computer/smart phone to work by using what I like to call my Disney Penny Apps.  

This Saturday we are going to take a deeper look into ShopKick, which is one of my favorite apps and is a great way to get your children involved at the store while you are shopping.  Call it a scavenger hunt, your kids will love it and shopping has now become a game instead of chore…a game that will pay off in a few more Mickey Bars.  In the past I was earning a $25 Walmart gift card every 3 months using this app, but with recent upgrades I now find that I earn $25 Walmart gift card every month.

ShopKick basically has 2 sides to the app, IN-STORE and AT HOME (mobile shopping), plus a few in app opportunities to earn a few by watching videos or clicking on products.  So far, I have only used the IN-STORE part of the app because Swagbucks tends to reward you more for online/mobile shopping.

To earn “kicks” IN –STORE

  1. WALK IN:  Open the App as you walk into a featured store…EARN KICKS.  
  2. SCAN:  With the App open you will find featured products and simply scan their barcode…EARN KICKS
  3. PURCHASE:  Simply put the featured item in your cart and then scan/submit the receipt after check-out purchase…EARN KICKS.
  4. LINK CARD:  Pay with a linked card…EARN KICKS. (I do not do this.)

To earn “kicks” AT HOME

  1. Online Shopping-Simply kick on the store you wanting to purchase from and shop away.
  2. Featured Stores/Products-Look for the eye symbol, click on it and earn a few kicks for looking at a product.
  3. DISCOVER TAB-Scroll through products and look for videos that award kicks for watching, watch and earn!

How much are KICKS worth?  While they vary from product to product and store to store, they are worth it in the end.  Who can’t use $25-$50 extra each month in free gift cards at your favorite stores allowing you to treat yourself, your spouse, your kids or even save up for that Disney trip for doing what they already do, shopping?

So, how do I get started earning kicks that I can change to Walmart/Sams Gift Cards that I can turn into Disney Gift Cards?


1.) First you’ll need to download the app to your phone. It is free to download and available for both Apple and Android devices. Please use my referral link. and we both will get rewarded!

2.) Once it’s downloaded, open the app and set up an account. It’ll walk you through the steps, having you pick out your desired reward (more about rewards later), and create an account (or you can connect it to your Facebook account).

3) Link your credit cards in the app.

I know this sounds scary. And ultimately it will be up to you to decide if you want to do this (it is optional). Know that your card information isn’t saved by Shopkick, but through Visa or MasterCard’s secure site (they are the only two cards you can link in currently).   You can link up to three Visa cards and three MasterCards. I do not personally do this.  

4) Make sure your location is on so you’ll know which stores close to you participate on ShopKick. You can also do a search to find stores near you. Scroll through the store listings and familiarize yourself with what stores near you earn your kicks.

Your job this week is to get your account set up and start “playing” with the app. Next Week I will go into more detail on how to earn kicks through Walk-In & Scans.

Saturday Saving 4 Disney:  Let the Penny Making Begin Again

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There is no way around it, a Disney trip is expensive. At this moment, I am not certain when my next Disney trip will be, but that is not holding me back from earning few pennies through what I like to call my “Disney Penny” apps that I use to earn my Disney money while I am shopping, and yes even sleeping.  

Here is what you need to know about Disney Penny Apps

I call them penny apps, because basically you are earning pennies but over the course of time pennies add up to dollars.  In reality, you are really “points” which you turn into gift cards to popular stores. I earn Walmart/Sam’s Cards which I then turn around and use to purchase Disney Gift Cards at a discounted rate at Sam’s, saving even more money for Disney.  Making Disney Pennies does take time and effort, but can be seamlessly worked into your daily schedule or shopping routine without much disruption.  Like anything in life, you only get out what you put into things.  I refuse to spend money to make money, so unless it’s product that I am going to use, then I do not buy it just for the sake of earning “points”.  Dealing with cancelling memberships and paying attention to rules is too much work for me, so you will not see me purchasing monthly membership trials either. Identity theft is real and very rarely will I ever link a credit card to my app accounts.  

Those are my ground rules for Disney Penny apps, so which ones do I use…

While I use quite a few different app/websites the ones that make the most for me are

  • ShopKick
  • SwagBucks
  • Ibotta
  • Walmart Savings Catcher

These apps/websites, in addition to my Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Card and picking up a few side jobs I have been able to pay almost the entire cost of my Disney trips without ever having to dip into my household budget, since the majority of my trips are selfish ones where I am going with my runDisney girlfriends.  

Let me show you an example with my 2016 Wine & Dine Trip:

The total cost of the trip was $2765 and I paid $0 out of my household budget, in fact I came home with almost $400 to roll over to my next Disney trip.

Beach Club DVC Rental $616

  • Actual Cost Out of Pocket $0

I had already saved this from a side tutoring job that I had done in the fall of 2015 so that I could book the Beach Club at the 11 month mark.

Southwest Plane Ticket $397

  • Actual Cost Out of Pocket $0

Purchased with my SW Rapid Rewards Visa card, thanks to putting my DD college tution each month and then paying it off from savings.

Wine & Dine 2016 2-Course Challenge Registration, plus 5K $352

  • Actual Cost Out of Pocket $0

Purchased by writing a couple extra professional development sessions for my school district during the spring of 2016 and then presenting them in the summer.

But here is where my Disney Penny Apps came into play…

Expenses   $1400

  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party $91
  • 6 Day Park Ticket $378
  • Food & Spending for 7 Days ($125 a day) $900
  • Actual Cost Out of Pocket $0

Earned through Disney Penny Apps

  • Swagbucks $700
  • Walmart Savings Catcher $82
  • ShopKicks $100
  • PerkTV $175
  • Ibotta $275
  • Check Out51 $15
  • PACT $70

I was totally stunned that I was able to make over $1400 simply by putting my insomnia (thanks to a condition called Restless Leg Syndrome) to work and learning a to use a few apps while doing what I am already doing, shopping in the span of 11 months.

Over the next several weeks/months I am going to show you how you too can earn a few Disney pennies by putting your computer and smartphone to work for you.