Saving 4 Disney:  ShopKicks for In-Store Purchases

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The last few weeks we have been looking at the ShopKicks App as a way to save (or earn money for Disney)…

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Video:  What is ShopKicks?

Make sure you have used my link to download the Shopkick App so we both get a few more Disney pennies when you sign up…

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You have received your kicks for walking into a store and scanning items, but did you know that you can earn kicks 3 more ways when you are shopping?  Here is how…

Purchasing with Linked Debit Credit Card


The first way to earn In-Store ShopKicks for purchases is by linking and paying with a credit/debit card at participating stores.

It really is quite simple…link your card in the app, purchase using that card (if debit card it must be run as a credit card) and that it is it.  After you’ve completed your shopping trip, ShopKick will reward you Kicks within a few days, though some stores make you wait 30 days before rewarding.

Most stores offer either 1 kick/$1 spent or 2 kicks/$1 spent as well as tiered bonus kicks! That means you earn the 1-2 kicks/$1 spent, plus if you spend $25, get a bonus 75 kicks, $50, 200 kick bonus, and $100 a 500-kick bonus. Each retailer has its own bonus tiers and fine print, so be sure to read them. Some stores limit transactions per week to 3 while others allow for 4. Some don’t reward kicks until after 30 days, assuming no returns are made. Some offer higher bonus kicks for less money spent too! ShopKick will also occasionally (usually around holidays) offer double the kicks per dollar spent at some retailers.

I must admit up until last week, this was not a feature I used for fear of identity theft, you know the more places you have your account numbers exposed, the increased likelihood that your information can be used by someone other than yourself.  I decided to do a little more research on the safety of linking my card…

From Shopkicks:

Is linking a credit card to Shopkick secure?

We focused on security when we created the linked card program – Shopkick does not store or display your credit card information, therefore it cannot be lost or stolen. All information is safely stored directly with Visa or MasterCard, not with Shopkick. Protecting the security and privacy of shopkickers is our number one priority.

  • We do not store your credit card information. We work directly with Visa and MasterCard to enable your card and keep it secure. No credit card information is visible in the Shopkick app.
  • If you lose your phone or account information, your credit card will not be compromised because Shopkick does not retain or display the credit card information.
  • You can unlink your credit card at any time, it takes only one click. Your credit card will automatically be unlinked if your account is inactive for an extended period.

This made me feel a little safer, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to try out this feature during ShopKicks Blue Weekend and earned over 2000 kicks or about $8 towards my next Disney adventure.  I love using Swagbucks & Ebates for my online shopping for cashback, and now I get the option for In-Store cash backs with ShopKicks.



The next way to earn In-Store Shopkicks is by purchasing a KickBate product, usually something you have scanned.  Often, I find the same product in Ibotta or another one of my Disney Penny Apps, so I get to stack the Disney savings.

To earn Kickbates, scan the item(s), put in your cart and purchase the item(s). When you get home open the store, select the item(s) from the list of Kicks for Receipts, hit Claim Kicks, double check you got all the eligible items from that one receipt selected, then hit submit. Your camera will then turn on, with directions on how to photograph your receipt, complete with guides. If the receipt doesn’t fit, you can add a section later, so don’t worry. Once all of the receipt is captured, hit done. After they process the receipt, they’ll send you your pending kicks to your account. Receipts must be dated within the last 10 days, and purchases made in-store.  Kicks range from 50-375 per item.

Make sure that your receipt is completely flat for scanning and free of excessive wrinkles, or it will be denied.  Totally frustrating, it has happened to me more than once.  I have now gone to taping my receipt to the counter before taking pictures and submitting.



The newest way to earn Shopkicks is just by submitting your receipt for stores offering kicks for receipts and you don’t even have to link a card.  Simply look for the receipts symbol (it will usually have 1/$1 or something similar), check the Receipt on the menu, claim your kicks by taking a photograph of your receipt and submit.  How easy is that?

Scrolling through the list I found this week that Walmart, Outback, Auntie Ann’s Pretzels, Target and Academy Sports were all offering kicks for your receipts no matter what you purchased!  Just by submitting my grocery receipt the last couple of weeks I have added another couple dollars to my Disney savings.

And that is how you use the ShopKicks App to earn your Disney Pennies while physically shopping in a store!  Pretty, easy…what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned next week for On-Line Shopping Kicks and In-App Kicks
























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