Saving 4 Disney Saturday:  ShopKicks-Overview & Getting Started

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Disney Penny App #1: ShopKicks…Overview & Getting Started


Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to share with you how I was able to earn $1400 in 11 months by putting my computer/smart phone to work by using what I like to call my Disney Penny Apps.  

This Saturday we are going to take a deeper look into ShopKick, which is one of my favorite apps and is a great way to get your children involved at the store while you are shopping.  Call it a scavenger hunt, your kids will love it and shopping has now become a game instead of chore…a game that will pay off in a few more Mickey Bars.  In the past I was earning a $25 Walmart gift card every 3 months using this app, but with recent upgrades I now find that I earn $25 Walmart gift card every month.

ShopKick basically has 2 sides to the app, IN-STORE and AT HOME (mobile shopping), plus a few in app opportunities to earn a few by watching videos or clicking on products.  So far, I have only used the IN-STORE part of the app because Swagbucks tends to reward you more for online/mobile shopping.

To earn “kicks” IN –STORE

  1. WALK IN:  Open the App as you walk into a featured store…EARN KICKS.  
  2. SCAN:  With the App open you will find featured products and simply scan their barcode…EARN KICKS
  3. PURCHASE:  Simply put the featured item in your cart and then scan/submit the receipt after check-out purchase…EARN KICKS.
  4. LINK CARD:  Pay with a linked card…EARN KICKS. (I do not do this.)

To earn “kicks” AT HOME

  1. Online Shopping-Simply kick on the store you wanting to purchase from and shop away.
  2. Featured Stores/Products-Look for the eye symbol, click on it and earn a few kicks for looking at a product.
  3. DISCOVER TAB-Scroll through products and look for videos that award kicks for watching, watch and earn!

How much are KICKS worth?  While they vary from product to product and store to store, they are worth it in the end.  Who can’t use $25-$50 extra each month in free gift cards at your favorite stores allowing you to treat yourself, your spouse, your kids or even save up for that Disney trip for doing what they already do, shopping?

So, how do I get started earning kicks that I can change to Walmart/Sams Gift Cards that I can turn into Disney Gift Cards?


1.) First you’ll need to download the app to your phone. It is free to download and available for both Apple and Android devices. Please use my referral link. and we both will get rewarded!

2.) Once it’s downloaded, open the app and set up an account. It’ll walk you through the steps, having you pick out your desired reward (more about rewards later), and create an account (or you can connect it to your Facebook account).

3) Link your credit cards in the app.

I know this sounds scary. And ultimately it will be up to you to decide if you want to do this (it is optional). Know that your card information isn’t saved by Shopkick, but through Visa or MasterCard’s secure site (they are the only two cards you can link in currently).   You can link up to three Visa cards and three MasterCards. I do not personally do this.  

4) Make sure your location is on so you’ll know which stores close to you participate on ShopKick. You can also do a search to find stores near you. Scroll through the store listings and familiarize yourself with what stores near you earn your kicks.

Your job this week is to get your account set up and start “playing” with the app. Next Week I will go into more detail on how to earn kicks through Walk-In & Scans.

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