Saving 4 Disney:  ShopKicks for In-Store Purchases

mickey dollar

The last few weeks we have been looking at the ShopKicks App as a way to save (or earn money for Disney)…

To review:


Video:  What is ShopKicks?

Make sure you have used my link to download the Shopkick App so we both get a few more Disney pennies when you sign up…

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You have received your kicks for walking into a store and scanning items, but did you know that you can earn kicks 3 more ways when you are shopping?  Here is how…

Purchasing with Linked Debit Credit Card


The first way to earn In-Store ShopKicks for purchases is by linking and paying with a credit/debit card at participating stores.

It really is quite simple…link your card in the app, purchase using that card (if debit card it must be run as a credit card) and that it is it.  After you’ve completed your shopping trip, ShopKick will reward you Kicks within a few days, though some stores make you wait 30 days before rewarding.

Most stores offer either 1 kick/$1 spent or 2 kicks/$1 spent as well as tiered bonus kicks! That means you earn the 1-2 kicks/$1 spent, plus if you spend $25, get a bonus 75 kicks, $50, 200 kick bonus, and $100 a 500-kick bonus. Each retailer has its own bonus tiers and fine print, so be sure to read them. Some stores limit transactions per week to 3 while others allow for 4. Some don’t reward kicks until after 30 days, assuming no returns are made. Some offer higher bonus kicks for less money spent too! ShopKick will also occasionally (usually around holidays) offer double the kicks per dollar spent at some retailers.

I must admit up until last week, this was not a feature I used for fear of identity theft, you know the more places you have your account numbers exposed, the increased likelihood that your information can be used by someone other than yourself.  I decided to do a little more research on the safety of linking my card…

From Shopkicks:

Is linking a credit card to Shopkick secure?

We focused on security when we created the linked card program – Shopkick does not store or display your credit card information, therefore it cannot be lost or stolen. All information is safely stored directly with Visa or MasterCard, not with Shopkick. Protecting the security and privacy of shopkickers is our number one priority.

  • We do not store your credit card information. We work directly with Visa and MasterCard to enable your card and keep it secure. No credit card information is visible in the Shopkick app.
  • If you lose your phone or account information, your credit card will not be compromised because Shopkick does not retain or display the credit card information.
  • You can unlink your credit card at any time, it takes only one click. Your credit card will automatically be unlinked if your account is inactive for an extended period.

This made me feel a little safer, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to try out this feature during ShopKicks Blue Weekend and earned over 2000 kicks or about $8 towards my next Disney adventure.  I love using Swagbucks & Ebates for my online shopping for cashback, and now I get the option for In-Store cash backs with ShopKicks.



The next way to earn In-Store Shopkicks is by purchasing a KickBate product, usually something you have scanned.  Often, I find the same product in Ibotta or another one of my Disney Penny Apps, so I get to stack the Disney savings.

To earn Kickbates, scan the item(s), put in your cart and purchase the item(s). When you get home open the store, select the item(s) from the list of Kicks for Receipts, hit Claim Kicks, double check you got all the eligible items from that one receipt selected, then hit submit. Your camera will then turn on, with directions on how to photograph your receipt, complete with guides. If the receipt doesn’t fit, you can add a section later, so don’t worry. Once all of the receipt is captured, hit done. After they process the receipt, they’ll send you your pending kicks to your account. Receipts must be dated within the last 10 days, and purchases made in-store.  Kicks range from 50-375 per item.

Make sure that your receipt is completely flat for scanning and free of excessive wrinkles, or it will be denied.  Totally frustrating, it has happened to me more than once.  I have now gone to taping my receipt to the counter before taking pictures and submitting.



The newest way to earn Shopkicks is just by submitting your receipt for stores offering kicks for receipts and you don’t even have to link a card.  Simply look for the receipts symbol (it will usually have 1/$1 or something similar), check the Receipt on the menu, claim your kicks by taking a photograph of your receipt and submit.  How easy is that?

Scrolling through the list I found this week that Walmart, Outback, Auntie Ann’s Pretzels, Target and Academy Sports were all offering kicks for your receipts no matter what you purchased!  Just by submitting my grocery receipt the last couple of weeks I have added another couple dollars to my Disney savings.

And that is how you use the ShopKicks App to earn your Disney Pennies while physically shopping in a store!  Pretty, easy…what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned next week for On-Line Shopping Kicks and In-App Kicks
























Friday Fives: 5 Things Disney that I loved in 2017

Yep, this is going to be another one of those ends of the year reflection posts that are so prevalent as we look forward to flipping that calendar to a fresh New Year.

I did not expect 2017 to be a year full of Disney, put some how it just happened that way (not that I am complaining or anything). So, humor me while I look back at 5 Things Disney that I loved in 2017…

1.  Neon Lighting at Carsland

Nothing was more special in 2017 then  then getting to see my boys faces as they explored Carsland, and that includes Mr. Grumpy.  The movie CARS has been a part of our lives for over 10 years when #monsterchild fell in love with Lightning McQueen, after all he is Lightnings #1 Fan still to this day as a near teenager.  Grumpy however, has been a fan of cars all his life and the whole pit crew of CARS has allowed him to really bond with our boys.  Watching the neon light up was amazing for all of us and one of those special moments that will last forever.


2. Going Solo to Walt Disney World


Don’t get me wrong, I do love my family and girl’s trips to Walt Disney World, but there was something totally freeing about going solo. I had so much fun bouncing around and doing whatever caught my attention. For the introvert in me, that time alone was precious, although secretly there was times when I wish I was sharing the magic with someone else.

3. Lunch at Satu’li Canteen

Are you tired of hearing about this place and this meal? Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my high expectations for this meal adventure would be met let alone be exceeded. I am already dreaming of my next bites, now only if I could be there when they serve that adult oatmeal!

4. Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters


I don’t know what is it is about this attraction, but honestly if there was not a crazy long wait it would become just like the People Mover for me at Walt Disney World, one that I would ride over and over again. The music and the spinning makes me happy, and oh at night under the lights, takes me back in a weird sort of way to the dance scene in Roman Holiday and the time we spent as a family in Italy…yep, in the happiest place on earth when I am dancing with Lugi and his cousins from Carsoli.

5. Sharing the Magic


This same time last year, I was earning my “ears” to become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner as an affiliate with Academy Travel. Since then I have gone on to share the Disney magic with 10 families in my first year and have many more counting down the magic in 2018.  I have loved every stressful moment trying to make sure they have the most magical vacation ever and enjoyed being a part of their trips. 

It was certainly a great Disney 2017!  Just like 2017, 2018 is starting off with no definite Disney trip plans for myself but you never know where I might end up.  I do know that I will be sharing my love with more families as they go one their own magical trips and with you.  Thanks for following along, and I hope to see in you 2018.

Tammie’s Take Thursday: Flight of Passage (FOP)

Be warned there will be a few spoilers in this post…

It’s been no secret that I am not a huge fan of the movie, Avatar.  It’s a beautiful movie from a scenery aspect but has a very predictable story line that at times is long and slow.  I have also felt like Disney missed the mark by making it an entire land in Animal Kingdom.  To me the area could have been better served by adding North American story lines like Brother Bear, Bambi, and Pocahontas; but I am not the Imaginear.  I must say that though in terms of rides/attractions Disney certainly hit MOST of the marks I look for in a great attraction with Avatar:  Flight of Passage (FOP) and technology wise finally come close to what the “dark side” (aka Universal Studios) of Orlando has been offering now for over 7 years with the Forbidden Journey. But before I tell you more about the ride itself, let’s discuss the journey to get on this attraction which starts WAY before ROPE DROP.

There are 3 things that you need to know about Flight of Passage before you arrive, motion sickness is REAL, wait times are UNREAL and getting a FastPass is DIFFICULT.

Motion Sickness is REAL

Guests need to beware and respect the “Motion Sick” warning to this ride.  Flight of Passage last 4 minutes and you no not want to feel sick for 4 minutes (and probably the rest of the day). So if you are prone to motion sickness, like Mr. Grumpy, you might want to take precautions or skip FOP because the combination of the movement of the vehicle and the action on the screen might be too much for you. But what is worse than motion sickness…

Wait Time in UNREAL

The worst thing about Flight of Passage is the wait time, I have seen it posted 15 minutes after park opening at 3 hours and later in the day at 5 hours.  Let me assure you from talking to people in that line and experiencing it that guests WILL wait 5 hours to ride Flight of Passage so that line will not go down until park closing, but what makes this wait really frustrating is that obtaining a….

FastPass is DIFFCULT

A FastPass is hard to get for FOP, even if you are able to book at the 60 days.  If you are waiting until the 30 day mark, a FastPass is pretty much not going to happen.  Animal Kingdom is on a tiered system FastPass system and both the attractions, Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey, in Pandora are Tier 1, so you are going to have to stand in line for one of the rides in Pandora.

Honestly, until the opening of Toy Story Land in 2018 and Star Wars in 2019 I do not see wait times coming down anytime soon nor the availability of a FastPass.  So how do you combat the wait time and no FastPass?  Book your vacation through me and I will be happy to share my tips on how you can to ride both Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey BEFORE the park officially opens and NOT use a FastPass in what I am calling the Na’vi Shuffle. I have spent months stalking trip reports for tips on how it can be done, and I HAVE DONE IT.  Now you have used my vacation planning expertise and have made  relatively in one piece to Flight of Passage…

You can expect stunning views of the floating mountains as you venture through a bioluminescent rainforest that is taking over the ruins of the abandoned RDA building.  I will say that Imaginears have done an amazing job bringing Pandora to life.  It is beautiful to the eye and you will feel like you have entered another world.  Don’t be afraid to stop and take pictures while you are in line, there are lots of beautiful selfie spots (or maybe you have made great friends with the people with you in line for the last 5 hours since you did not use my complimentary traveling planning services).  Once have made your way through the rainforest the line will then enter a cave adorned with Na’Vi paintings and then into the abandoned RDA building and now research laboratory of the humans who’ve settled on Pandora.  Here you will fine various experiments showing how the study of Pandora wildlife is progressing, including a suspended animation of a Na’vi avatar inside a giant, water-filled tube. Most disappointing for me during my whole journey through the queue was that I was constantly moving and not being able to focus on the small details built into every Disney attraction that brings the experience to life.  Disney does an amazing job keeping you stimulated as you spend 5 hours in line.

Once you are though the queue, you are lead into a 16 person chamber to prepare for your flight. There are actually 2 chambers, with 2 different videos and interactions.  Although I experienced both chambers my first 2 flights on FOP, but the 3rd flight I only was in the first chamber and walked through the second.  I am not sure why other than I am guessing it is a crowd manage technique. 

When you are done preparing for your flight you are lead into a room with what looks like 16 stationary bicycles without pedals and handed a pair of 3-D googles and to board the “bike.”  Once all preparations are done for your the room goes dark, there’s a flash of light, and you become “linked” to the Na’vi surfing a banshee and flying through Pandora.  The ride is beautiful, similar to what you would experience on Soarin’ but more intense.

Disney technology has caught up to Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter in terms of motion simulator, but Universal will always have the edge with Forbidden Journey and Escape from Gringott’s in my opinion.  Why?  There is no storytelling with Flight of Passage, nor with Na’Vi River Journey which for Disney is a huge let down and disappointment because to me Disney is stories and beloved characters.  Again, I reference back to why Disney should have gone with the beloved stories of the Americas.  None of the scenes from the screen playing in front of me could I relate back to the movie, Avatar which makes me not vested in a story line with the banshees.

Will I ride Flight of Passage again? Of course I will, it was beautiful and FUN to feel like I was flying but only if I can get a FastPass and not have to get up so early.  There are other rides in Animal Kingdom that I would prefer to wait for or use a FastPass for, because they don’t leave me emotionally empty wanting more.

Remember that when you book your Walt Disney World  Vacation with me, I will give you my honest opinions as well as help you successfully do the Na’Vi Shuffle without waiting in 2-5 hour lines!



#(almost)wordlesswednesday: Looking Back

It’s #(almost)wordlesswednesday, that means linking up with Focused on the Magic to share my #DisneySide through pictures and a few words, since nothing for me is ever wordless with me!2017

It seems fitting with 2018 right around the corner, that the theme for this week is “Looking Back.”

I have to say that 2017 was a great Disney year for me!  I was able to go “Coast to Coast”…

Visiting the Happiest Place on Earth with my “boys” this past spring on an epic CARS themed road trip!  We had so much fun stopping at all the real life locations that inspired the movie CARS as well as seeing the movie come to life before our eyes in CARSland, part of Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort.

and going back “home” to the most Magical Place on Earth on my first solo “working” vacation in November. I loved all of the new adventures that I sought out and challenged myself to experience.  

So as the calendar page turns to 2018, I can’t wait to see what it will bring.  

Do you have any 2017 Disney memories to share?  Please drop them in the comments!  I love hearing from you!

Tuesday’s on the Run: Totally Spoiled & Blessed

It’s Tuesday, so that means I am linking up with Patty, Erika & Marsha for Tuesday’s on the Run.

Baby, it’s cold outside today and snow is lightly falling, apparently Mother Nature and Santa Claus were not on the same page for Christmas 2017 nor the day after (today)  when all I want to do is head out to play with one of my new run toys!


Mr. Grumpy and the kids were generous in feeding my running midlife crisis. I can’t wait to try out these wireless headphones. From all of the running groups that I “stalk” on Facebook, the TREKZ was mentioned post after post as the choice for cutting that earphone chord.  Let’s just hope they fit my head better than does darn Flight of Passage ride goggles!


It looks like I will be heading out to the big city next week to get a proper shoe fitting, since they also supplied me with some cold hard cash to buy that badly needed pair of running shoes. It has been quite a while since I have been fitted properly, and I am anxious to find a pair that can meet me ever changing left leg issues.

IMG_3930Now I know that it is not technically a “running” present but I have playing around with the idea of spending an entire summer walking the El Camino in Spain when I get runDisney out of my blood.  I am so excited to read this book and start making notes for that adventure.


Of course I did a little shopping for myself!  I am loving my FitBit that I bought a few weeks ago and getting this run journal ready to go for the new year and the journey that I have planned out for 2018 (great tease to read January 2).  

IMG_3888While I was totally spoiled this Christmas, I was also blessed with a family that supports this midlife run crisis that I am in the midst of…

I hope you were spoiled and blessed this Christmas! Did you get any running related gifts for Christmas this year? If so, what was your favorite?  Please share in the comments!

Tuesday’s on the Run: Advent Challenge

It’s Tuesday, so that means I am linking up with PattyErika & Marsha for Tuesday’s on the Run. With each passing day I become more anxious to flip the calendar over and see the numbers 2018, because I know (okay, maybe more like HOPE) I can finally put that nonexistent 2017 run year behind and get back to the matter of preparing to cross a certain distance off my bucket list.  I have been actively seeking ways to follow my orders of RICE and keep from NOT beginning to pound the pavement even though the hip pain from the bursitis is subsiding and the weather is unseasonably warm.

Last week while searching for ways to deepen my spiritual faith during the upcoming Advent season, I came across a blog link for #catholicwomenrun. Intrigued I clicked on the link…


Advent offers us the opportunity to deepen our faith and explore new spiritual practices as we prepare for the great Christian feast of Christmas. What if your spiritual practice this year was training for a race? Together, the #CatholicWomenRun team is committing to 12 weeks of running and daily prayers connected to each run!


* 12 week training plan of your choice (5k, 10k, or half marathon)* Prayers to correspond to each running day* Reflection questions* A printable journal to write about the experience * Support + Love with a community of Catholic women!

Wow, pretty much like it was custom made just for me, plus it’s free!

Now I know technically I have not been cleared to run, but I am allowed to walk a few times each week for 1-2 purposeful miles and I have learned the lesson of not going from 0 to 13.1 as fast as I can… So why not walk instead of run the first few weeks and look towards a 5k in 12 weeks?  Sounds like a win both spiritually and physically.

Motivated I signed up and although like running, it’s free, however I certainly had to mark the occasion with a few “necessities”.  I purchased a new FitBit Alta HR as my poor zip finally crashed and died soon after I returned from Walt Disney World last month…I think it was in shock from being used too much in 1 week after 11 months of sitting in a drawer.  Call it an early Christmas present to myself along.  There is also a new pair of walking shoes, coupled with my custom orthodic inserts should get me through a few weeks of walking until I can get to the “BIG CITY” and get a proper fitting for some new run shoes.

True to my personality, I copied off a calendar, made a training plan and found a 5K that would fit at the end of 12 weeks and started my Advent journey….

You can follow along on my personal Instagram account @one_interval_at_a_time (don’t forget my Disney Instsgram @mylifeinars).

So here is to looking forward to these last few weeks of 2017 with a few walking miles!






Saving 4 Disney Saturday:  ShopKicks-Overview & Getting Started

mickey dollar

Disney Penny App #1: ShopKicks…Overview & Getting Started


Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to share with you how I was able to earn $1400 in 11 months by putting my computer/smart phone to work by using what I like to call my Disney Penny Apps.  

This Saturday we are going to take a deeper look into ShopKick, which is one of my favorite apps and is a great way to get your children involved at the store while you are shopping.  Call it a scavenger hunt, your kids will love it and shopping has now become a game instead of chore…a game that will pay off in a few more Mickey Bars.  In the past I was earning a $25 Walmart gift card every 3 months using this app, but with recent upgrades I now find that I earn $25 Walmart gift card every month.

ShopKick basically has 2 sides to the app, IN-STORE and AT HOME (mobile shopping), plus a few in app opportunities to earn a few by watching videos or clicking on products.  So far, I have only used the IN-STORE part of the app because Swagbucks tends to reward you more for online/mobile shopping.

To earn “kicks” IN –STORE

  1. WALK IN:  Open the App as you walk into a featured store…EARN KICKS.  
  2. SCAN:  With the App open you will find featured products and simply scan their barcode…EARN KICKS
  3. PURCHASE:  Simply put the featured item in your cart and then scan/submit the receipt after check-out purchase…EARN KICKS.
  4. LINK CARD:  Pay with a linked card…EARN KICKS. (I do not do this.)

To earn “kicks” AT HOME

  1. Online Shopping-Simply kick on the store you wanting to purchase from and shop away.
  2. Featured Stores/Products-Look for the eye symbol, click on it and earn a few kicks for looking at a product.
  3. DISCOVER TAB-Scroll through products and look for videos that award kicks for watching, watch and earn!

How much are KICKS worth?  While they vary from product to product and store to store, they are worth it in the end.  Who can’t use $25-$50 extra each month in free gift cards at your favorite stores allowing you to treat yourself, your spouse, your kids or even save up for that Disney trip for doing what they already do, shopping?

So, how do I get started earning kicks that I can change to Walmart/Sams Gift Cards that I can turn into Disney Gift Cards?


1.) First you’ll need to download the app to your phone. It is free to download and available for both Apple and Android devices. Please use my referral link. and we both will get rewarded!

2.) Once it’s downloaded, open the app and set up an account. It’ll walk you through the steps, having you pick out your desired reward (more about rewards later), and create an account (or you can connect it to your Facebook account).

3) Link your credit cards in the app.

I know this sounds scary. And ultimately it will be up to you to decide if you want to do this (it is optional). Know that your card information isn’t saved by Shopkick, but through Visa or MasterCard’s secure site (they are the only two cards you can link in currently).   You can link up to three Visa cards and three MasterCards. I do not personally do this.  

4) Make sure your location is on so you’ll know which stores close to you participate on ShopKick. You can also do a search to find stores near you. Scroll through the store listings and familiarize yourself with what stores near you earn your kicks.

Your job this week is to get your account set up and start “playing” with the app. Next Week I will go into more detail on how to earn kicks through Walk-In & Scans.

Tammie’s Take Thursday: Satu’li Canteen

sat3I like to think of myself as a #wannabefoodie and one of the things that I love the best about Walt Disney World is being able to explore that side of my personality. This last trip #home I challenged myself to explore new dining options, one of them being Satu’li Canteen in Pandora:  The World of Avatar, the newest “land” in Animal Kingdom. Even though I am not an Avatar fan by any stretch of the word, I have to admit that as food photos began surfacing across Disney pages I found myself intrigued and knew this would be one of my stops my next trip #home.

Satu’li Canteen is a quick-service dining location, meaning you order from a counter (or in my case, mobile ordering from the MyDisneyExperience App). In true Disney storytelling format there is a backstory. Basically, Satu’li Canteen is an old abandoned RDA mess hall that has been turned into a dining stop by ACE (Alpha Centauri Expeditions) and it welcomes all travelers to Pandora as well as serving as a cultural hub for the Na’Vi.    The restaurant is beautifully decorated with a balance of Na’Vi Art, natural elements and yes, even a few remains of the RDA mess hall.

Before I get to the food, let’s talk about ordering your Na’Vi food adventure.  Disney has created yet another way for you to bypass lines, this time ordering lines for your quick service meals… Through the MyDisneyExperience App on your smartphone you literally can get off of Flight of Passage, order your meal as you walk through the gift shop and by the time you get to the doors of Satu’li Canteen you have received your alert that your meal is ready for pick up.  But if you do this, be prepared for glares from other travelers to Pandora who are standing in line just to order. The whole ordering experience was so fast, easy and convenient that I used many more time throughout my trip…the best time bypassing the half hour wait for my Dole Whip float in the Magic Kingdom.  


The immersive atmosphere into Pandora does not stop at the décor, but extends to the food as well.  The food literally looks like it is from another world, but the flavors are still recognizable even for those picky eaters.  I might add that this is probably the healthiest menu at Walt Disney World.  


24174358_1858091034204079_7687925889694963672_nSo what Pandorain delights did I partake in?

For my main course, I selected the Cheeseburger Pods (steamed bao buns stuffed with ground beef, ketchup, mustard, pickle and cheddar cheese) along with a side of roast vegetable chips topped with a vegetable slaw.  I LOVED THE CHEESEBURGER PODS!  They were moist and flavorful, what a great spin on a cheeseburger!  The chips were a little soggy due to the vegetable slaw, as I was more interested in the pods and taking the perfect picture, but had great flavor.  The slaw on the other hand was a huge disappointment as it was really lacking in any flavor.  I was expecting a punch of acidity since this did not appear to be a cream based slaw, but I got nothing but the little bobo balls where a fun touch.  

For “Ber’ri” I went with the Blueberry cream cheese mousse with passion fruit curd, which honestly tasted more like lemon.  This has to be the prettiest dessert I have ever seen and has almost surpassed my love affair with Narcoossee’s Almond Crusted Cheesecake as my favorite dessert at Walt Disney World.  I wished I would have ordered several of them, perfect texture and flavor.  And even though it was barely 11 am, no judging, I had the Dreamwalker Sangria (white sangria with a hint of blue curacao and grapes for theming effects).  I was certainly not worth the $9.50 I paid for the glass, but it was fun!

The meal I had been dreaming of and planning for 6 months was more than I expected and did not disappoint.  The only disappointment was that I did not make back to Satu’li Canteen to try the rest of the menu, but that is what the next trip is for right?  

#(almost)wordlesswednesday: The Shirt Says it All

It’s Wednesday again, so that means #(almost)wordlesswednesday and joining Focused on the Magic’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop where we get to share our Disney vacation photos.  This week we are sharing our Disney Style in Tees…

I love wearing a Disney themed t-shirt each day during my trips (although Mr. Grumpy and the family are not always fans).  


To me t-shirts tell a story and make a general statement about what my park plans are for the day. See if you can figure out my plan for the day based on some of my shirts…

Looking for some great shirts for you next vacation, check out Etsy!