(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Disney Dads

It’s (almost) Wordless Wednesday!  Each week I join Focused on the Magic and other fellow Disney bloggers to share our Disney vacation photos and memories by blog hopping. This week’s topic is…Disney Dads

9 dad and minnie

I admit that when I planned our first Disney vacation as a family, I went in it thinking that it would be a “Once in a Lifetime” trip as I could never imagine that I would ever get Mr. Grumpy to agree to go back…

Let alone be his idea that we check out Carsland this past March.

I am so blessed (and thankful) that he goes along with my commando park plans, although it has nearly cost us our marriage a few times (which is probably the #1 reason he supports my venture as a Disney Travel Planner…so I focus on other people’s plans and not ours). I can’t wait to share with him Epcot’s Food & Wine this fall and our first Disney Cruise…as we escape to Florida without kids for a long weekend.

2 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Disney Dads

  1. Love your pictures! My husband was the same way but after our first trip in ’90 he became a reluctant fan. Then in ’91 we bought DVC so it’s fair to say he loved our Disney trips;)


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