Tuesdays on the Run: What I Loathe About Running

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I am finding my running thoughts to be somewhat negative as I am quickly heading toward month number 6 (and hopefully the last) in this boot thanks to a severe case of Achilles tendonitis and partial tears brought on during training for Disney Wine & Dine Lumiere’s 2 Course Challenge last November.  I probably should be blogging about the Things I love (or miss about running), but today I want to continue with my pity party and bad mood and remember that running is not always something I enjoy (yes, I am attempting to use reverse psychology without a degree)…today’s topic, things I LOATHE ABOUT RUNNING…



 I am not sure that there is a perfect place year round where the weather never interferes with they day that you have planned to get that training run in.  I watch the weather more than I used to, plotting out days around Mother Nature’s bad mood.  I can run almost any season with proper planning, but my biggest weather factor where I live is the WIND.  Wind in the winter, wind in the summer, wind in the fall, wind in the spring…and we are not talking just a little wind.  I am fortunate to live in one the windiest places in the country.  Give me the rain and the snow, but please don’t blow during my run.

Being Self Conscious

I don’t have a runner’s body that looks cute in little shorts and tank tops.  I am larger than most out there and it makes me uncomfortable.  I feel a lot of times like people are staring and secretly mocking my attempt to be out there participating, so that is why I pick bigger races so I can blend in the crowd.  I come in proudly at the Back of the Pack but always feel like judgmental eyes are on me.  What is worse is when course support does not wait on you, despite stating the course will stay open for x amount of time and even the finish line has been rolled up when you get there. Yes, this happened to me on my very first (and last) local race.  The course coordinator even told us they did not want to wait and we were 15 minutes faster than the allotted time.

Dealing with Uncooperative Body


You would think by now I would have finally given into my body saying no more of this abuse thing called running…shin splints where I could barely walk, stress fracture, Achilles tear, etc.  Despite all of these issues I am still out there fighting now only to get through a run mentally but with a body that physically wants to challenge you each step of the way.

Bad Runs

Nothing is more demoralizing than having a great training run and go out for the next training run and it is the worst one ever.  Just when you feel you are on track for a PR you are deflated and question why you are even out there pushing yourself.

Pixie Dust Attitude

pixie dust

While it is not in my place to judge others, I hate posts that state…I did not have time to train, do you think I still will be alright and not get swept?  Let me clarify there is a huge difference between people who could not train because of injury and those who are just flat out lazy and full of excuses. What gets me the most are when other runners start throwing around the notion that Tinkerbell is going to magically sprinkle dust to get them to the finish line.  If you are not going to commit to training, then don’t sign up.  Like everything in life you have to make time and work for the things that are important to you.  I am out there busting my big hiney at 4:30 am on a summer weekend morning with a family and full time job, so can you.

Even in the midst of all these things I LOATHE about running, nothing is going to stop me from when this boot finally comes off, physical therapy is completed and the doctor gives his thumbs up to begin training  again (or at least walking)… I will probably have my running shoes in the car waiting to take off.


2 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run: What I Loathe About Running

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your injuries, I know how frustrating it can be so I hope you recovery quickly! Running does have that love/hate thing sometimes! I get the self-conscious feeling sometimes because people think that I should be a lot faster than I actually am based on how I look….it’s not fun either!


    • Thank you…hopefully the end of the boot will be in 17 days. PT is going well but frustrating how weak the ankle has become. I had to cancel the 2 halfs I had scheduled in November…killing me not to run the Vegas strip!


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