(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Way Back

Okay, I know this is a couple of days late but I could not find the pictures I wanted…

Welcome to my first (almost) Wordless Wednesday where I am linking up with Focused on the Magic and other Disney bloggers to show our #disneyside.

This week’s topic is “Way Back” which had me thinking, that I really do not have any Way Back memories with Disney, as my first visit to Walt Disney World was in 2010 at the ripe age of 40 something.  As a child, I remember growing up watching the Wonderful World of Disney and having a huge crush on the young Kurt Russel, heck I still have a crush on the “mature” Kurt Russell.  I did go to Disneyland when I was in high school, but those pictures are somewhere buried in my childhood home.  So, what could I add to “Way Back?” My baby girl turned 20 earlier this month and today she comes home from her sophomore year of college, which put me in a reflective mood…

Ab loved Tinkerbell before Tink was cool.  At age 4, she was pixie sized and all attitude, just like Tink.

As a teenager, she got to meet with her pixie idol from her childhood when we went on our first family vacation to Walt Disney World.  I remember tearing up when the 2 Pixies met each other for the first time, a magical moment. Transformed for the moment my moody teenager was that sweet little girl dancing around the house in her Tinkerbell costume.

These are the moments are what makes a Disney vacation so special, because no matter how old you there is magic to be found.

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