Welcome to My Life in Ears, a blog focusing on the Disney side of my life after all who wouldn’t want to get lost in a world (or land) where following your dreams, never giving up, and happy endings is the norm.

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I am not some crazy Disney addict, but I love Disney and Disney theme parks. Disney Imagineers have set the standard when it comes to creating a place where magic happens and you do get lost from the outside world.  I will admit that seeing Cinderella’s Castle covered in holiday twinkle light with Wishes Fireworks going off behind it and hearing the lyrics “Star Light, Star Bright,” tears of happiness tend to flow and I forget everything in my life at the moment might not be so great. Disney is my escape, my happy place.  Cast Members (Disney employees) are encouraged to do everything they can to make your trip as magical as possible and if something is wrong they will make it right, customer service beyond expectations.  I love hearing the words “Welcome Home” each time I return to my Disney Resort Hotel.  Disney Theme parks are constantly changing and improving, so there is always something new to experience.  These are the things that keep me coming back.


Not only do I speak fluent Disney, but I KNOW Disney through many first-hand experiences and I know what it takes to make the magic happen on a Disney Vacation…the one thing that I might love more than a Disney vacation is planning a Disney vacation. I know that might sound crazy, but I enjoy researching, planning and dreaming of ways to make each trip special and different. I spend countless hours reading books, following blogs, scouring through discussion forums, pinning away on Pinterest, and filling notebooks dedicated to the things that I find even when I do not have a trip in the works. Since, I don’t get to go to a Disney destination as much as I would like, being vacation planner (travel agent) specializing in Disney helps me fill my need to plan. I think I get more satisfaction planning magical memories for friends, family, friends of family & friends and new friends I happen to meet who don’t simply want to go on a vacation, but want to experience a vacation.
That is what this blog is about; sharing the Disney things that make me happy so that together we can plan for your own magical memories with the special people in your life.

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